EMMA C. WELLS is the author of darkly humorous thrillers and middle grade horror…as well as lots of other random stuff. She is obsessed with all things time travel and is a huge movie buff—probably because her formative years were spent in her Dad’s video store (remember those?). Em has a huge soft spot for the cheesiest of the cheesey and is here for all things campy. Her capacity for tossing out random quotes from forgotten movies that no one cares about, is vast. (It’s a talent, really.) You can find her on social media as well as her website www.EmmaCwells.com where she runs the Spooky Stabby Women newsletter. E. J. WENSTROM believes in complicated heroes, horrifying monsters, purple hair dye and standing to the right on escalators so the left side can walk. Her award-winning fantasy series Chronicles of the Third Realm War (City Owl Press) features a peculiar mashup of Greek mythology, Judeo-Christian folklore, and an extra dash of her own special brand of chaos. It includes including Florida Writers Association’s 2016 Book of the Year MUD (#1), RAIN (#0), TIDES (#2), and SPARKS (#3). Join the Unicorn Army on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fantasygirlspodcast
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