EM SHOTWELL writes books about a woman who talks to crows, a man who controls the weather, a petulant witch who is in love with a tree, and an accidental necromancer. Raised in the back of a movie-rental-store (remember those?), she cut her teeth on classic Science Fiction and Horror, and had no choice but to become a complete movie geek. She loves the weird and macabre, as well as happily ever afters. Emily lives with her family in south Louisiana, but doesn't visit New Orleans nearly as often as she'd like. E. J. WENSTROM believes in complicated heroes, horrifying monsters, purple hair dye and standing to the right on escalators so the left side can walk. Her award-winning fantasy series Chronicles of the Third Realm War (City Owl Press) features a peculiar mashup of Greek mythology, Judeo-Christian folklore, and an extra dash of her own special brand of chaos. It includes including Florida Writers Association’s 2016 Book of the Year MUD (#1), RAIN (#0), TIDES (#2), and SPARKS (#3). Join the Unicorn Army on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fantasygirlspodcast
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